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Weapons are essential items used for combat against enemies, bosses, and even other players during PvP games. They typically deal more damage than their tool counterparts. Some weapons can be crafted at a Work Bench or a Pre-Hardmode/Hardmode Anvil, while others can only be found in Chests, as enemy drops, or purchased from NPCs.

Melee Weapons[]

Pre-Hardmode Swords[]

Adventurer's Machete.png Adventurer's Machete Antlion Queen Claw.png Antlion Queen Claw Desert Rage.png Desert Rage
Forest Claymore.png Forest Claymore Goo Broadsword.png Goo Broadsword Hive Swatter.png Hive Swatter
Privateer's Sword.png Privateer's Sword Steel Knife.png Steel Knife

Hardmode Swords[]

Adventurer's Machete.png Adventurer's Machete Atrocity.png Atrocity Dark Moon.png Dark Moon
Double Headed Snake.png Double Headed Snake Great Solar Flame Claymore.png Great Solar Flame Claymore Nightfall.png Nightfall
Radiance.png Radiance Seven Branched Sword.png Seven Branched Sword Sword of Black & White.png Sword of Black & White
The Claymore of Red Crystal.png The Claymore of Red Crystal Void Flare.png Void Flare Wrath of The Gods.png Wrath of The Gods (With Thorium Mod)

Pre-Hardmode Yoyos[]

Goo Yoyo.png Goo Yoyo

Hardmode Yoyos[]

Cabal.png Cabal Dark Spin.png Dark Spin Prescription.png Prescription

Pre-Hardmode Spears[]

Boreal Wood Spear.png Boreal Wood Spear Ebonwood Spear.png Ebonwood Spear Goo Spear.png Goo Spear
Palm Wood Spear.png Palm Wood Spear Rich Mahogany Spear.png Rich Mahogany Spear Shadewood Spear.png Shadewood Spear
Wooden Spear.png Wooden Spear

Hardmode Spears[]

Pearlwood Spear.png Pearlwood Spear Terra Spear.png Terra Spear True Dark Lance.png True Dark Lance
True Gungnir.png True Gungnir

Pre-Hardmode Boomerangs[]

Gold Boomerang.png Gold Boomerang Mandible Boomerang.png Mandible Boomerang Platinum Boomerang.png Platinum Boomerang

Pre-Hardmode Other[]

Antlion Queen Claw.png Antlion Queen Claw Pruning Shears.png Pruning Shears

Hardmode Other[]

Cursed Hand.png Cursed Hand Hell Scythe.png Hell Scythe Red Crystal Scythe.png Red Crystal Scythe

Ranged Weapons[]

Pre-Hardmode Blunderbusses[]

Blunderbee.png Blunderbee Blunderbuss.png Blunderbuss Boiling Point.png Boiling Point
Cherry Blossom.png Cherry Blossom Crimson Drake.png Crimson Drake Devil Dragon.png Devil Dragon
Gold Hunting Blunderbuss.png Gold Hunting Blunderbuss High Roller.png High Roller Iron Blunderbuss.png Iron Blunderbuss
Lead Blunderbuss.png Lead Blunderbuss Platinum Hunting Blunderbuss.png Platinum Hunting Blunderbuss Silver Blunderbuss.png Silver Blunderbuss
Thorium Blunderbuss.png Thorium Blunderbuss (With Thorium Mod) Tungsten Blunderbuss.png Tungsten Blunderbuss Undying Army Rifle.png Undying Army Rifle

Hardmode Blunderbusses[]

Hallowed Blunderbuss.png Hallowed Blunderbuss Ruthless Cupidon.png Ruthless Cupidon Shadowflame Blunderbuss.png Shadowflame Blunderbuss
Terra Blunderbuss.png Terra Blunderbuss True Hallowed Blunderbuss.png True Hallowed Blunderbuss True High Roller.png True High Roller

Pre-Hardmode Guns[]

Assault Rifle.png Assault Rifle Fungi Boomgun.png Fungi Boomgun Heat Blaster.png Heat Blaster
Royal Cannon.png Royal Cannon

Hardmode Guns[]

Army Rifle.png Army Rifle Cannon of Nightmares.png Cannon of Nightmares Crystal Grower.png Crystal Grower
Crystal Gun.png Crystal Gun Dead Shot.png Dead Shot Dwarf Shark.png Dwarf Shark
Power of Light.png Power of Light S.V.D.M.G..png S.V.D.M.G.

Pre-Hardmode Bows[]

Antlion Longbow.png Antlion Longbow Goo Bow.png Goo Bow Ligneous Bow.png Ligneous Bow
Steel Bow.png Steel Bow Wooden Crossbow.png Wooden Crossbow

Hardmode Bows[]

Ancient Sniper.png Ancient Sniper Sat Bow.png Sat Bow

Hardmode Launchers[]

Bonebardier.png Bonebardier

Pre-Hardmode Other[]

Acorn Chopper.png Acorn Chopper

Hardmode Other[]

Cursed Flamethrower.png Cursed Flamethrower Ichor Flamethrower.png Ichor Flamethrower Sabretooth.png Sabretooth

Magic Weapons[]

Pre-Hardmode Staves[]

Acorn Staff.png Acorn Staff Nature Stave.png Nature Stave Royal Stave.png Royal Stave
Ruby Rose.png Ruby Rose Wand of Earthruler.png Wand of Earthruler Wand of Firestorm.png Wand of Firestorm
Wand of Light Rage.png Wand of Light Rage Wand of Torrent.png Wand of Torrent

Hardmode Staves[]

Staff of Black & White.png Staff of Black & White Treacheous Bolt Staff.png Treacheous Bolt Staff Wand of Fracture.png Wand of Fracture
Wand of Order.png Wand of Order Wand of The Void.png Wand of The Void Wand of Thousands Curses.png Wand of Thousands Curses
Wand of Thousands Flames.png Wand of Thousands Flames

Pre-Hardmode Magic Guns[]

Cosmic Rayer.png Cosmic Rayer

Hardmode Spell Tomes[]

Rainbow Flicker.png Rainbow Flicker

Pre-Hardmode Other[]

Thousand Needles.png Thousand Needles

Hardmode Other[]

Spear of Despair.png Spear of Despair Pocket Blackhole.png Pocket Blackhole

Unobtainable Magic Weapons[]

Red Potion.png
Red Potion.png
The item(s) or effects described in this section exist as functional game items, but cannot be acquired through normal gameplay.
Giga Volt.png Giga Volt

Summon Weapons[]

Pre-Hardmode Summon Weapons[]

Parrot Staff.png Parrot Staff Tree Branch Staff.png Tree Branch Staff

Pre-Hardmode Sentry Summon[]

Antlion Stave.png Antlion Stave

Hardmode Sentry Summon[]

Stardust Mothercell Staff.png Stardust Mothercell Staff Treacherous Sphere Staff.png Treacherous Sphere Staff

Hardmode Other[]

Pixie Staff.png Pixie Staff

Thrown Weapons[]

Pre-Hardmode Throwing Weapons[]

Beehive.png Beehive Bone Dagger.png Bone Dagger Carapace Dagger.png Carapace Dagger
Coconut.png Coconut Ocean Rider.png Ocean Rider Privateer Dagger.png Privateer Dagger
Pufferfish.png Pufferfish

Hardmode Throwing Weapons[]

Wisp Lamp.png Wisp Lamp
Weapons (List):

Great Solar Flame Claymore.png Melee weapons • Sat Bow.png Ranged weapons • Pocket Blackhole.png Magic weapons  • Stardust Mothercell Staff.png Summon weapons • Coconut.png Thrown weapons