Treacherous Conjurer

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Treacherous Conjurer
Treacherous Conjurer.png
Type Enemy
Environment Dungeon
AI Type Tracherous Conjurer AI
Damage 29 / 3
Max Life 445 / 534
Defense 9
KB Resist 20%
Immune to: On Fire!.pngSlow.pngDeceleration.pngElectrified.png
Banner Treacherous Conjurer Banner.png Treacherous Conjurer Banner
Coins 16 Copper Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Wand Core.png Wand Core
Treacherous Sphere Staff.png Treacherous Sphere Staff
Treacheous Bolt Staff.png Treacheous Bolt Staff

The Treacherous Conjurer is an enemy that spawns from the Dungeon. It summons a Treacherous Sphere that will split into treacherous bolts and spawns Treacherous Energy after the sphere. After summoning the sphere, it will be teleported to another on-screen location similar to Dark Caster.

History[edit | edit source]

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