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Town NPC
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Type NPC

NPCs (Non-Player Characters) added by The Antiaris Mod total to 1 Pre-Hardmode NPC and 1 Other NPC. Primarily, they sell various useful items for progression, such as weapons for quest-related items (Adventurer).

Furthermore, some NPCs offer additional features such as in the form of quests or shops.

Town NPCs[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

NPC Acquired When Description Drops Defending Weapon
Adventurer.png Adventurer Found and lying down in Snow Cozy House. Sells various items in exchange for Iron Coins. Provides quests to unlock new shop items. Adventurer's Hat.png Adventurer's Hat Crystal

Other NPCs[edit | edit source]

The following NPCs are not considered town NPCs because they do not move into houses.

NPC Acquired When Description Drops Defending Weapon
Pirate (Antiaris).png Pirate (Antiaris) Starting a new world. Found and spoken on the Pirate's Ship. Given one quest by defeating three different bosses. Once complete the quest, he then leaves with 6 Royal Weapon Parts to use. n/a n/a

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Vanilla NPCs will have new additional quotes that can be seen under certain conditions. Some NPCs also had quotes from NPCs that aren't related to Town NPCs.

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