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Pirate's Ship

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The '''Pirate's Ship''' is a structure generated at world creation on top of the left [[tgc:Ocean|Ocean]]. It is a ship built mainly from [[tgc:Spooky_Wood|Spooky Wood]], [[tgc:Platform|Platforms]], [[tgc:Wall|Walls]] and [[tgc:Fence|Fences]] covered with Brown Paint.
On the ship there will be a [[Bound Pirate]]. The house underneath the ship contains a [[tgc:Wooden_Crate|Wooden Crate]], a [[tgc:Keg|Keg]], a [[tgc:Bottle|Bottle]], two Alchemy [[tgc:Lantern|Lanterns]], and a barrel filled with aunique [[Treasure Amulet|Treasure Amulet,]] a 10-12 Gold [[tgc:Coins|Coins]], and 11-14 [[tgc:Healing_Potion|Healing Potions]]loots.
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