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Accessory Source Effect Hardmode Visible on
Bundle of Horseshoe Balloons.png Bundle of Horseshoe Balloons Crafted at Tinkerer's Workshop Grants the ability to quadruple jump. Increases jump height. Negates fall damage.
Tango Cross1.png
Tango Cross1.png
Deep Diving Gear.png Deep Diving Gear Crafted at Tinkerer's Workshop Grants ability to swim. Automatically uses oxygen tanks when needed. Provides light when worn.
Tango Cross1.png
Deep Diving Gear (equipped).png
Jumper's Boots.png Jumper's Boots Crafted at Tinkerer's Workshop Increases jump height and allows auto-jump. Negates fall damage. Allows to jump on enemies dealing damage.
Tango Cross1.png
Jumper's Boots (equipped).png
Magnetic Boots.png Magnetic Boots Crafted at Tinkerer's Workshop Allows to fall faster. Hold down button increases fall speed. Negates fall damage.
Tango Cross1.png
Magnetic Boots (equipped).png
Sandstorm Boots.png Sandstorm Boots Found by Desert Island Allows to do long controllable jump by pressing jump button. Grants immunity to sandstorm wind. Increases defense when player stands on sand.
Tango Cross1.png
Sandstorm Boots (equipped).png
Scuba Gear.png Scuba Gear Found by Sunken Chest Automatically use oxygen tanks when necessary.
Tango Cross1.png
Scuba Gear (equipped).png
Wings - All wings provide flight, slow fall, and negate fall damage.
Accessory Source Unique Effect Visible on
Available Hardmode
Sat's Wings.png Sat's Wings Crafted at Ancient Manipulator
Sat's Wings (equipped).png