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There are currently 2 new Mounts added to the mod.

Types[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Item Mount Description Height (ft) Speed (mph) Source
Emerald Key.png Emerald Key Emerald Slime Mount.png Emerald Slime 42
  • 31
3 Liquified Goo.png Liquified Goo + Golden Key.png Golden Key
Antlion Queen Egg.png Antlion Queen Egg Lil' Swarmer Mount.png Lil' Swarmer
  • Infinite flight time and hover off the ground
  • No fall damage
when not out of flight time
  • 30
Antlion Queen.png Antlion Queen
Tools: Goo Pickaxe.png Usual Tools • Gelid Ring.png Summoning Tools • Support Stave.png Other Tools