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Enemies are creatures that attempt to inflict damage on players. This page lists all enemies that can be encountered in the Antiaris.

There are a total of 25 enemies: 14 Pre-Hardmode, 9 Hardmode and 2 Bosses.

Pre-Hardmode Enemies[]

Baby Creeper.png Baby Creeper Bird Traveller.png Bird Traveller Boar.png Boar
Emerald Slime Enemy.png Emerald Slime Enemy Forest Guardian.png Forest Guardian Jungle Fiend.png Jungle Fiend
Living Snowman.png Living Snowman Robber.png Robber Rune Elemental.png Rune Elemental
Spore Carrier.png Spore Carrier Treacherous Conjurer.png Treacherous Conjurer Wrath Orc.png Wrath Orc
Wrath Sorcerer.png Wrath Sorcerer

Hardmode Enemies[]

Blue Petite Pixie.png Blue Petite Pixie Blue Pixie.png Blue Pixie Crispy Honey Golem.png Crispy Honey Golem
Crispy Honey Slime.png Crispy Honey Slime Gatling Bee.png Gatling Bee Green Petite Pixie.png Green Petite Pixie
Green Pixie.png Green Pixie Honey Golem.png Honey Golem Honey Slime.png Honey Slime
Merman.png Merman Petrous Knight.png Petrous Knight Purple Petite Pixie.png Purple Petite Pixie
Purple Pixie.png Purple Pixie Red Petite Pixie.png Red Petite Pixie Red Pixie.png Red Pixie
Will-O'-Wisp.png Will-O'-Wisp Worker Bee.png Worker Bee


Antlion Queen.png Antlion Queen File:Deadly Jones.png Deadly Jones Tower Keeper.png Tower Keeper


Wrath Eye.png Wrath Eye Wrath Zombie.png Wrath Zombie