Demonite Leech Ring
Demonite Leech Ring.png    Demonite Leech Ring (equipped).png
Type Accessory
Tooltip Summons a magical circle around the player
Killing an enemy in the circle restores 15% of health
10% decreased maximum amount of health
Rarity Rarity color 1.png
Sell 90 Silver Coin.png 15 Copper Coin.png

The Demonite Leech Ring is a craftable accessory that summons a magical red circle surrounds from the wearer. Killing enemies in a circle will restore the health by 5% and decreases the amount of health by 10%. It can be considering the corruption version of Crimtane Leech Ring and the health version of Demonite Siphon Ring.



Crafting Station
Loom.png Loom
Ingredient(s) Amount
Demonite Bar.png Demonite Bar 15
Life Crystal.png Life Crystal 2
Demonite Leech Ring.png Demonite Leech Ring 1


  • When switched the Demonite Leech Ring with Crimtane Leech Ring, Demonite Siphon Ring, and Crimtane Siphon Ring, it can only be worn at one time.


Equipable Items: Goo Breastplate.png Armor • Treasure Amulet.png Accessories ( Scary Mask.png Combat) • Miner Mask.png Vanity
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