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Debuffs are temporary status effects that act negatively upon the player or target. The Antiaris Mod currently adds 11 debuffs, however, 1 isn't in the most recent version of Antiaris.

From Accessories[edit | edit source]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip Duration
Blood Repletion.png Blood Repletion ? ? The heart fills itself with crimson blood to begin working again ?
Blood Repletion 2.png Blood Repletion 2 ? ? The heart fills itself with phantom blood to begin working again ?
Recharge.png Recharge Adventurer Crystal.png Adventurer Crystal, Adventurer Emblem.png Adventurer Emblem, Adventurer Sigil.png Adventurer Sigil, Adventurer Sign.png Adventurer Sign, Adventurer Star.png Adventurer Star and Celestial Cross.png Celestial Cross. A debuff usually inflicted upon the player after using an ability from an accessory received from the Adventurer. This debuff symbolizes the amount of time left before the ability can be used again. The Adventurer's item is recharging its' power Varies

From Weapons[edit | edit source]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip Duration
Deceleration.png Deceleration ? Lowers target's movement speed The power of Aqua has corrupted your moving abilities and slowed down your speed ?
Despairing Flames.png Despairing Flames High Roller.png High Roller and True High Roller.png True High Roller Lowers target's movement speed and deals damage over time. Great, you're on fire AND you're depressed 3 seconds
Rage of Light.png Rage of Light ? ? The holy light consumes your enemies ?

Miscellaneous Debuffs[edit | edit source]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip Duration
---.png ??? ? ? There's something in your eye... ?
Crystal Recharge.png Crystal Recharge Time Paradox Crystal.png Time Paradox Crystal Prevents you from using the ability of the Time Paradox Crystal The crystal must regain control over the powers of time 5 minutes
Cursed Blocks.png Cursed Blocks The Cursed Tower You lose the power to break blocks Blocks around you look unbreakable Infinite (While near The Cursed Tower)
Injured.png Injured ? ? Congratulations, you cut yourself ?

Unobtainable Debuffs[edit | edit source]

Click to See Removed/Replaced content This page describes old game content that was removed or replaced. The information here does not apply to the current version of Antiaris.
Icon Name From Effect Tooltip Duration
Evil Presence (debuff).png Evil Presence (debuff) ? All attacks have a 5% higher chance to fail 5% increase all attack fail chance ?

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