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The Antiaris mod adds a couple new crafting materials into the game. Most of these materials are used to make sets of unique , new items.

Main Materials[edit | edit source]

All of these materials are either obtained through crafting, drops, or mining blocks. They are all used in a respective set of items, including various Tools, Weapons, Armor, and the like, each correlating to the theme the material sets.

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Material Availability Obtained from Amount
Liquified Goo.png Liquified Goo Always available 3 Bottle.png + 1 Green Goo.png   @   Iron Anvil.png 3
Enchanted Shard.png Enchanted Shard Always avaliable 1 Enchanted Sword (item).png   @   Iron Anvil.png
Founded in Desert Island
Antlion Carapace.png Antlion Carapace Antlion Queen is defeated Antlion Queen
Treasure Bag (Antlion Queen).png

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Material Availability Obtained from Amount
Necro Cloth.png Necro Cloth Plantera is defeated Necromancer.png 13-25

Other Materials[edit | edit source]

These other materials are not used to craft any specific sets. However, they can be used to craft other assorted items.

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Material Availability Obtained from Amount
Blunderbuss Base.png Blunderbuss Base Always available 20 Wood.png   @   Work Bench.png 1
Bottled Blood.png Bottled Blood Always available 1 Bottle.png + 4 Blood Droplet.png   @   Work Bench.png 1
Green Goo.png Green Goo Always avaliable Slimes using an Emerald Net while equipped with Royal Gel 1
Leaf.png Leaf Always available Cutting Forest Trees 3-9
Palm Leaf.png Palm Leaf Always available Cutting Ocean Trees 3-9
Organ Leaf.png Organ Leaf Always available Cutting Crimson Trees 3-9
Chilled Leaf.png Chilled Leaf Always available Cutting Snow Trees 3-9
Enchanted Leaf.png Enchanted Leaf Always available Cutting Hallowed Trees 3-9
Infected Leaf.png Infected Leaf Always available Cutting Corruption Trees 3-9
Nature Essence.png Nature Essence Always available Forest Guardian.png 1
Rune Stone.png Rune Stone Always available Medusa.png Hoplite.png Granite Elemental.png Granite Golem.png Rune Elemental.png 1 (Medusa, Hoplite, Granite Elemental and Golem)
7-11 (Rune Elemental)
Royal Weapon Parts.png Royal Weapon Parts Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu Complete only one Pirate's quest 12
Wrath Element.png Wrath Element Always available Wrath Eye.png Wrath Zombie.png 1
Blood Droplet.png Blood Droplet Always available Wrath Zombie.png 1-3
Tranquility Element.png Tranquility Element Always available Calmness Spirit.png while using Bug Net 1

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Material Availability Obtained from Amount
Bonebardier Blueprint.png Bonebardier Blueprint Always available Sold by Arms Dealer.png when "Making a Powerful Weapon" quest is active 1
Vampiric Essence.png Vampiric Essence Always available Vampire.png 2-3
Shadowflame (Antiaris).png Shadowflame (Antiaris) Always available Goblin Summoner.png 5-9
Shadow Charged Crystal.png Shadow Charged Crystal Tower Keeper Tower Keeper.png 15-24
Consumables: Leaf Roll.png Potions ( Leaping Potion.png Buff Potions ) • Coconut.png Thrown Weapons

Stone Buckshot.png Ammunition • Blood Droplet.png Materials ( Wrath Element.png Drops and Enchanted Shard.png Ores ) • Antlion Doll.png Other