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“Huge Changes & Hotfixes”
Release date July 26th, 2018
Version chronology
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Version history fixes some bugs and changes a lot of things to work out.

Changes/Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Quest Tracker can now be moved and it has a special button to read the Quest text again.
  • Spell Fail mechanic was removed.
  • Life Crystals, Blazing & Dazzling Hearts now show you if you can use them, the number of uses left & also what hearts you should find next. This should prevent confusion players had when they couldn't use certain Hearts.
  • Charcoal Quest is now only available when Overhaul Mod is enabled & the Adventurer now asks for Overhaul's Charcoal.
  • Resizing game window no longer move hearts UI.
  • Cursed Blocks debuff now only affects Cursed Tower's blocks/walls.
  • Demonite/Crimtane Siphon Rings and Demonite/Crimtane Leech Rings now restore Health/Mana on an enemy kill.
  • Adventurer's Quests no longer show errors in chat.
  • Warbanner buff no longer counts as a debuff.
  • Dying from "Injured" now has a custom death message.
  • Fixed some issues with projectiles after time stop.
  • Wooden Cabinets now count as tables.
  • Corruption Tower Keeper now drops corruption version of Guardian Heart.
  • Crystal Buckshots now count as ammo for Blunderbusses.
  • Steel Shovel now drops properly in Multiplayer but can be no longer obtained via clicking with RMB.
  • You can now properly use Hearts if you have accessories/armor which increase the maximum amount of health.
  • Added some items crafted with new Hearts.
  • Treacherous Conjurer now has gores.
  • Reduced lifetime & damage of Leaf Bushes.
  • Traveller's Feather now changes quest to a random quest excluding quests that have requirements.
  • Enemies spawned from statues no longer drop modded items.
  • Cursed Mirror can be now only destroyed with literally smashing it with a Stone Hammer.
  • Lowered health restored by Sealed Soul of Shadows.
  • The text of Frozen Adventurer's now actually tells you where to find the shovel (sigh)
  • Glacial Crystal now inflicts Chilled when in Snow Biome when it's in the inventory, in Expert mode jumping into the water with it inflicts Frozen.
  • Harpy Egg can be now smashed by enemies when it's in the inventory.
  • Dazzling Hearts now also spawn on Pearlsand & Pink Ice.
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